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Some people seem to have continuous drama in their lives. They also seem to attract people who want to rescue them from their problems. Or, they actively look for someone to play the part of savior by appearing helpless. If you are the rescuing type, you probably find some joy and satisfaction in this role. But, I would bet you are also exhausted. I know this because the people you are trying to save keep getting back into trouble. There is a near certainty that the person who mishandles their money and nearly gets evicted will be in the same predicament within six months of you lending them money to pay the rent. This is not the usually responsible friend who experiences an unexpected

I'm Not Codependent! I'm Independent!

Many people either deny being codependent or misunderstand what the term means. One way to define codependency is when your focus is on everyone else but you. Their needs, wants, desires, and agendas are placed above your own at every turn. Your goal is usually to gain love and acceptance, but what often happens is you end up feeling used and alone. Many codependents come from households where one or more of the following were present: Alcohol abuse Drug abuse Mental illness Verbal abuse Physical abuse Extreme religious rules High criticism Perfectionism Neglect Ongoing instability Children are usually resilient and find a way to survive; some even thrive in such homes. However, as adult

Robin R. Daniels, LPC

I am a licensed professional counselor in Atlanta, Georgia.

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